Where are you located?

  The kitchen incubator is located in Mamaroneck NY within Westchester County.  

What is a kitchen incubator? 

  A shared use commercial kitchen available for multiple small business owners to rent for food production with all permits and licenses necessary. That means each company is required to schedule a time slot with the incubator owner for access into the space when required to work.       

I am interested in trying some of your products, can I just stop by the bakery? 

  At this time, all cake tastings are by appointment only. Tastings are typically held Mon-Wed with possible Sunday if you should need a weekend day depending on schedule allowances. Tastings are held at the incubator. Please review the Tiered Cake Pricing tab for further information on booking. 

Are you a nut free bakery? Can you accommodate other allergies? 

  No the kitchen incubator is not a nut free facility. Both nut free and nut containing products are created in the bakery. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every use. Allergy orders are first completed and separated from nut containing orders. Currently we can create egg free and dairy free products but unable to make gluten free cakes.          

How much notice do you require to order a cake? 

  It is always a recommendation to contact as soon as possible for ordering as many people choose event dates the same weekend in any month. Heavy months: March thru June, September thru November. Some customers contact a full month prior for birthdays, while some contact 10-14 days before event.  NOTE***email correspondences and answering design or flavor questions DOES NOT MEAN YOUR ORDER IS ACCEPTED. You must finalize your order UPON ORDERING with both a cake invoice and full payment for it to be created.         

I need a cake in under your ten day notice requirement, what can be done?  

  Since the kitchen incubator requires booking for access, short notice orders are very difficult to fulfill at this time. Sometimes, very few, a last minute schedule to work in kitchen is available but is never a guarantee. Please contact ASAP when you begin scheduling your event if interested in ordering.       

Do you contact me back if you should happen to have a cancellation to take my order? 

  Follow up emails or calls must be done by the customer and we will inform you if the order can be taken or not.

What do you require to take my order? 

  Both a cake and payment invoices must be created for all orders. You will be informed of when to expect both PDF invoices to arrive in your inbox during the ordering process. When questions are asked of you for the cake invoice, please send them promptly not to have discrepancies. Many customers assume an order will be taken just having email correspondences, these are simply getting questions answered to get invoices filled for the order.

For my wedding cake order after a cake tasting, how much time do I have to make a decision on proceeding? When are my payments due?  

  During the tasting we will discuss how we proceed with event booking, deposits and final payments. Tiered cake contracts will also inform you of the next steps and exactly when payments are due by. After the specified time to reserve your event has expired, the order and the date will no longer be held in the system and other customer orders will be considered for booking. If you should need more time to think over, please send word thru email or a phone call and another due by date maybe considered. Do not assume that the cake tasting fee holds your order place. We do not send follow up calls or emails to see if you are still interested in ordering, this must be done by the customer.