Betina Estela, cake designer

My memories in the kitchen as a child were mainly Spanish dishes being prepared by my grandmother as I helped clean the dishes. Well...I do remember my mother making sugar cookies for a school holiday; they were a bit overdone and crispy. Baking obviously skipped my mother (sorry Ma!) but somehow came to me naturally.

Originally, I wanted to be an architect. After a few semesters, I realized that I was in the wrong field. I had a chance to work at a local warehouse bakery, and as funny as this sounds, that actually changed my view of a possible career. I began to enjoy the creativity that comes with making cakes (and not to mention eating it afterwards). All those years of drawing and sketching, even as a child, paid off in baking. Before I knew it, four years had passed in the bakery and the time had come to make a decision. This was never a career I saw for myself, but I knew then what I wanted to do and found a way to do it.

In 2006, I studied baking and patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started a new path. To complete my degree, I had to complement my studies with an externship. I searched around quite a bit, but the availability at a popular New York City tea-house caught my attention. I snatched up the opportunity and completed my degree. I was then offered a position as an in-house pastry chef at the tea-house to help build their bakery. A short year and a half later, became the principal cake designer for the tea-house.

Knowing that I have done so much to help grow their bakery, I knew sooner or later that it would be time to grow my own. In August of 2012, with a lump of fear in my throat, I created Cake Heights.


January 2018 - Completed 60 hr Entrepreneurial Training Program administered by Women’s Enterprise Development Center. 

February 2014 - Cake Heights Inc. became part of the WEALF or The Women's Enterprise Action Loan Fund administered by Thypin Oltchick Institute For Entrepreneurship. 

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